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Gift - Irksona by IrkenPainter Gift - Irksona :iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 0 0 Gn-x by IrkenPainter Gn-x :iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 5 0
Irken Changelings
Race: Irken Changelings
Appearance: Irkens with grey skin, bug-like wings on their backs and holes on forearms and legs
Diet: Feelings, basically "Love"
Powers: Shapeshifting
Weapons: Fists (some can carry melee weapons)
:iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 0 0
Adoptable 2 by IrkenPainter Adoptable 2 :iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 0 0 Forest Nightmare by IrkenPainter Forest Nightmare :iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 1 7
Buster - Transformers Prime OC
Name: Buster
Race: Cybertronian
Side: Autobot
Type: Vehicon
Occupation: Warrior
Vehicle Mode: Black Cadillac
Colors: Black and purple, some parts silver
Biography: Buster was a decepticon, he was one of the most agile and deadly vehicons that Megatron ever had, but suddenly Buster saw dignity in his cold-energoned body, he saw a lot of cruelty in his planet, comrades dying by their own weapons and friends, he couldn't bear it, he escaped and left Cybertron before it was turned in ruins, then landed on Earth, he got concerned by the humans, he spied on them, studying everythinbg they do, suddenly he meets the Autobots, they were doubtful since Decepticons are cruel machines that tend to destroy everything on their path, but Buster wasn't, he suddenly gets an idea, he asks them if he could join, they made multiple tests to him, even of loyalty, he passed, and his job is now to protect humanity and to spy the Decepticon activity
:iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 1 0
Vinyl x Octavia Adoptables by IrkenPainter Vinyl x Octavia Adoptables :iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 0 4 Mint Twist by IrkenPainter Mint Twist :iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 0 0
New MLP OC - Mint Twist
Name: Mint Twist
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus *able to switch into humanoid form*
Orientation: Straight
Color: Body-white, mane and tail-Royal Blue
Behavior: Sweet, gentle, childish, tends to be aggressive when bothered
Bio: Mint Twist is a pegasus which origin is yet to be determined, anyone knows where this pony came from, but something is sure, she likes to eat Mint, that's why the residents of Ecclesia call her Mint Twist, she also seems to like cold weathers, when in winter she wears nothing to keep her warm, neither a small scarf, ponies believe that she comes from the North or South Pole
:iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 0 0
Sky Claw update
Name: Sky Claw
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus (can change into an anthropomorphic pegasus)
Orientation: Straight
Status: Taken by Con
-Body: Hind legs and neck are metallic due to ELS (Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shapeshifter)Eyes' Iris turned from blue to purple
Bio: After 2 years of working on Luna's Royal Guard, Sky Claw's life turned upside down when his parents, Sunburst and Ang, were killed by Ang's counterpart named Hang, he is desperate to take all over the kingdom of Ecclesia, but she's the only obstacle between Hang and Ecclesia, he almost managed to kill her, but she was saved by Xonakri, Irksona and Roxanra, Sky Claw considers the three of them as the only ones she has got in the world, that's why she tries to spend the majority of time with them, she also admires Roxanra, making her try to be like her; suddenly, some weeks ago she met a guy named Con, they were talking for hours until Hang came and kidnapped her, leading her to his hideout where he'll r
:iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 0 0
GA - Roxanra by IrkenPainter GA - Roxanra :iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 1 0 GA - Xonakri by IrkenPainter GA - Xonakri :iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 1 4 Contest Entry - Gryphon OC by IrkenPainter Contest Entry - Gryphon OC :iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 1 5 OC Dax - Main Furry OC by IrkenPainter OC Dax - Main Furry OC :iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 1 0 Kendal OC by IrkenPainter Kendal OC :iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 2 0 Ang's Green GN-X III by IrkenPainter Ang's Green GN-X III :iconirkenpainter:IrkenPainter 2 0
Hey, check what's on my gallery if you want, cool stuff of Krystal, Zim and many others


Fox+Krystal: tickles at the beach by Naaraskettu Fox+Krystal: tickles at the beach :iconnaaraskettu:Naaraskettu 236 68 Krystal new outfit by Naaraskettu Krystal new outfit :iconnaaraskettu:Naaraskettu 130 35 Call Me A Kitty And You're Dead by FoxInShadow Call Me A Kitty And You're Dead :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 516 32 Call Upon the Sea Ponies by FoxInShadow Call Upon the Sea Ponies :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 666 25 Freedom, Dubstep and Raptors by FoxInShadow Freedom, Dubstep and Raptors :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 704 53 What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse by FoxInShadow What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 426 15 Trick or... treat? by FoxInShadow Trick or... treat? :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 516 24 Happy Halloween 2014 by shepherd0821
Mature content
Happy Halloween 2014 :iconshepherd0821:shepherd0821 1,469 86
Why can't I join? by j-fujita Why can't I join? :iconj-fujita:j-fujita 142 21 SMS/V-X01Z Gundam Regulus (MS mode) by unoservix SMS/V-X01Z Gundam Regulus (MS mode) :iconunoservix:unoservix 32 1 SMS/V-X01Z Gundam Regulus (flight mode) by unoservix SMS/V-X01Z Gundam Regulus (flight mode) :iconunoservix:unoservix 20 1 Crystallize by FoxInShadow Crystallize :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 544 23 Gosh Darn Alicorns by FoxInShadow Gosh Darn Alicorns :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 914 88 baby doll by black-vile-tentacle
Mature content
baby doll :iconblack-vile-tentacle:black-vile-tentacle 216 7
she is so beautiful by qatarz she is so beautiful :iconqatarz:qatarz 30 5 MOON FGT by TE4MOON MOON FGT :iconte4moon:TE4MOON 1,159 95



Christmas arrived! The time that makes families join for celebrating and receiving gifts I may have lost what I beloved...but life continues

I wish the best to the following people: xSadistcloverxRanchhInvader-ZeenToaDeathaxkimchijungPhantomCavern

-lordxerasinvader-con *despite of what you've done...I have a bit of dignity, but don't expect me to forgive you completely*

In other news: I'm gonna travel again to Mérida, Mexico :3 I'll try to submit pics of my journey, specially of Chichen Itza, ze mayan pyramid *I'll use mah cellphone, but i don't think I'll have enough money XD*
  • Listening to: Early Summer Rain
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Coke


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~Gundam 00

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Sister: Invader-Zeen
Brother: none yet
Epic friend that'll never be replaced: xSadistcloverx
Closest pals: kimchijungBetafireNatureTakerZGMF-X42S

XBL gamertag: HALO SPARTAN62
Steam: Ang716
Furaffinity: IrkenPainter
Youtube: comandangel
Furcadia: Dax Olesa
tumblr: nonameinsect
F-Lists of my OCs:
Ribbons -
Ang -
Dax Olesa

Current Residence: Mexico city
Favourite genre of music: Rock and metal
Favourite style of art: Every Kind
Favourite cartoon character: Krystal, Renamon and Zim


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